The Secret City Soundtrack

And now, although nobody asked for it, here is the almost complete soundtrack music collection from The Secret City hosted by Commander Mark.

The Secret City Theme

This theme is a splice of the opening and closing themes. The sound effect of the rocket blasting off in the opening credits is not present in this edited version.

The Secret City Theme

"Take A Look At This Painting"

This theme was played when Commander Mark presented artwork from other artists. It was also used as the background music for the animation of the special art word "twist".

"Take A Look At This Painting"

Metaman's Contraption

This background music played while Metaman was miming his "contraption".

Metaman's Contraption

Special Art Words

Besides the seven magic words of drawing (surface, size, density, overlapping, contour, shading and foreshortening), Commander Mark highlighed a special art word in almost every episode. Each of these art words had their own theme associated with them.









The Mural Themes

The Secret City Mural grew in size over the course of the series as Commander Mark drew additional characters and scenes using the episode's featured magic word and special art word of drawing. Occasionally, the camera would pan over the mural with background music. The Secret City Mural is memorialized on YouTube.

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4 (A Final Look At The Mural)

BONUS: The New Secret City Adventures Themes

This was a short-lived drawing series from Mark Kistler following the success of The Secret City. This series featured one of my favorite robots - BobTron.

The New Secret City Adventures Opening Theme

The New Secret City Adventures Closing Theme

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