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Actor Changes

Actor Changes

Initial posting: 2006-10-01

Everyone is familiar with the actor change in Bewitched when Dick York became ill and was replaced by Dick Sargent. The only thing similar between the two of them was their first name. You can really have only one Darrin Stephens, and in a case where the actors look so physically different and have completely different personalities, a change in actors like this is very disturbing.

So now I ask ... why does this still happen on other programs?

Take Pee-Wee's Playhouse as an example.

Pee-Wee's fish in Season 1

Pee-Wee's fish in Seasons 2-5

There is not even an attempt to make the season 2+ fish look at all like the fish from season 1. Sure, you might say that perhaps the fish from season 1 died after the summer hiatus. Okay, that might be, but explain the following.

Globey in Season 1

Globey in Seasons 2-5

Now why did this have to happen? Was the first Globey on loan from the National Archives? They didn't even try to make these look similar. The face of season 1 Globey is in the Pacific, and the face of season 2+ Globey is in the Atlantic. Season 1 Globey does not have land (as hair) in the Arctic. Season 2+ Globey has land in the Arctic. Don't even get me started about the difference in noses...

Finally, here's another one.

King of Cartoons in Season 1

King of Cartoons in Seasons 2-5

Hey, look! This one can almost slip by without notice. However, upon closer inspection, the only similarity is the crown! The season 1 King of Cartoons carried a film projector with him whereas the season 2+ King of Cartoons carried a remote control with him which fortunately worked on Pee-Wee's television set. These are fairly significant changes that it shouldn't have gone unmentioned. What happened to the original king? Was he overthrown? Did he die in battle? Did he move to King's Landing? We will never know.