Things That Suck

Adobe Audition

Date: 2023-05-26

Adobe Audition

This is something new that started happening after a recent update. When adjusting a range endpoint, whether beginning or end, the view takes you to somewhere else within the file and you have no idea where you are.

free up space

Here we grab an end marker to nudge it to the left a little...


free up space


Where am I?

Why am I taken all the way to the beginning of the file? I am not even taken to the beginning of the marker range.

What a pain. Now I need to zoom out and navigate to where I was just to see if the end marker ended up where it was supposed to be.

Even worse, if I need to make even more adjustments, each time, I will be taken somewhere else within the file, and over and over again, I will need to take the time to navigate back to where I was before.

Date: 2009-02-28

Adobe Audition

This is something that I reported to Adobe in 2008.

Audition uses temporary (scratch) space for storing a copy of the sound file(s) that you are editing and for storing any undo information for any functions that you apply to the sound file. If you are going to open a sound file that is 700 MB large, you should have at least twice that amount (1.5 GB) available on your hard disk.

important tip

I opened Adobe Audition 3.0 today, and I was greeted with this Important Tip. I clicked OK and this window popped up.

free up space

This is telling me I only have 57 Hard Drive Reserves left.

I clicked OK on this message, but it took me straight back to the Important Tip.

Clicking that took me back to the Manage Temporary Folder Reserve Space window.

No matter what I clicked

  • Clear Undo(s)
  • Close File
  • Cancel Last Operation
  • Close Window button

I kept cycling back and forth between the Important Tip and the Manage Temporary Folder Reserve Space window.

So, I switched to Windows Explorer to see what I could delete from the hard drive.

low disk space

Whoa! I hadn't realized I was so low on disk space.

space freed

I found a few things to delete and got the available space back up to 3.94 GB.

That should be plenty for Audition.

infinite loop

I switched back to Audition which was still running.

I clicked OK on the Important Tip.

I was then informed that I have 1466 Hard Drive Reserves free. That's a lot more than 57 Hard Drive Reserves!

Even though I had quite a few more Hard Drive Reserves, clicking any button on this window still insisted in showing me the Important Tip.

important tip

Clicking OK on the Important Tip still resulted in the Manage Temporary Folder Reserve Space window.

And so on, and so on, and so on...

I couldn't do anything except switch to the Task Manager and terminate Audition.exe.

With the same 3.94 GB available, I started up Audition again and was finally able to get back to work. Unfortunately, I lost all my work up to the point when the Important Top popped up because nothing was saved.

What is a Hard Drive Reserve anyway?