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Initial posting: 2021-07-10

This one is quite ironic.

file list

While upgrading my Things That Suck articles to load dynamically, I noticed that some of the pop-up menu items were not quite right. When I went to view the file list on the remote server, I quickly realized that the synchronization process was not working. When viewing the remote and local file list side-by-side, it's pretty clear that there are extra folders on the server that are not on the local disk.

There is one easy way to fix this, and that is to run a synchronize with delete operation.


I clicked the synchronize button to make sure the remote server was all updated with the same set of folders.


This looks correct. I want to copy any updated files on the local drive and transfer them to the remote host, and at the same time, I want all files and folders that do not exist to be deleted from the remote host.

file list

This is where I should get a prompt asking me to confirm the deletion of the items from the remote host.

When viewing the list from this dialog, none of the folders on the server are listed. It is as if they are not there.

I ended up having to manually delete items from the server by hand.