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Netflix DVD

Initial posting: 2008-03-26

Updated: 2008-05-01 (rewrite)

Updated: 2021-07-16 (rewrite - changed the article title from US Postal Service to Netflix DVD)

NetFlix Envelope

This was an amazing thing back in the video rental days. All you do is pick a movie you want to watch on the Netflix web site, add it to your Netflix queue, and then a couple days later, the DVD magically appears in your mailbox.

Well, that's what way it's supposed to work. There are some problems with this premise, but it's built into the system since there are ways to report broken or damaged or non-playable discs, for whatever reason.

2008-03-26: This was supposed to be South Park Season 5 Disc 1, but the DVD never quite made it to me. I did receive this ripped piece of Netflix envelope as a souvenir.

cracked dvd


Exactly one month later, this South Park Season 10 Disc 2 DVD arrived. This one would never be viewed again. The same week, a friend of mine, also a Netflix member, said that he received a disc that was completely cracked in two. It serves him right for bragging one month ago that he never had any problems with discs from Netflix.