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Outlook 365

Initial posting: 2019-05-06

Spam filtering and communication between Outlook and Outlook 365

Outlook & Hotmail

I just migrated to Office365 from a locally-installed and managed Exchange server, which has been trouble-free for as long as I can remember.

I was previously filtering messages to a Junk Email folder by looking for a unique IronPort header, specifically this one: "X-Spam-Status: Yes".

Junk Email Options

The first thing I need to do, though, is turn off automatic junk mail filtering.


Junk Email

Wait! What's this in my Junk Email folder? I told Outlook not to filter out junk mail!

Apparently, the desktop version of Outlook cannot communicate this to Outlook 365, so it was necessary to log onto to change the setting to stop junk mail filtering.

New Mail Notification

Then, in Outlook, you'd think in the year 2019 you'd be able to change the sound when a new mail message comes in. This has kind of been a basic thing since POP mail clients in the 1990s.

This is the only option in the Outlook settings. There is no way to choose a sound. So, I just live with what Microsoft thinks I should hear when a new message comes in.

Changing the Windows 10 "New mail notification" has no effect. Outlook still plays its hard-coded new mail notification sound.

UPDATE 2021-12-10: Much to my surprise, without having to do anything, suddenly, Outlook 16.0.14701.20226 is now playing the New Mail Notification sound. Hard to believe it took so many years to fix this.