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Tilted Photos

Tilted Photos

Initial posting: 2021-07-10

Anyone who knows me has been listening to me complain about really only two things over the last decade or so. Never use Magic Tape for posting things, and the tilted photos that have taken over the UC San Diego web sites.

Here's a perfect example.

tilted photos

I don't mind the occasional tilted photo for an artistic flare, but even then, often times, it can invoke feelings that the photographer probably did not intend. In motion pictures, a tilted camera angle is intended to bring the viewer into the same uneasy state of mind as the subject of the scene. It is called dutch angle.

The above page contains photos that would have been ideal for the state of confusion that came out of the recent pandemic. However, under normal circumstances, it seems to me that something is wrong when a page has nothing but tilted photos.

No matter! I found a perfect way to combat this. I just use a monitor that has a pivot feature, and then I can view everything in its natural state.

straightened tilted photos