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Windows Calculator

Initial posting: 2019-08-12

Windows 10 Calculator

For years, I have come to rely on the basic calculator. You know the one... numbers and four basic operators and a button to clear the results.

I am running Windows 10 Home Edition on my notebook. I needed to do a basic calculation for some disk storage that I want to set up, but when I went to run Calculator from the search bar, it didn't appear. All I saw was something about installing Calculator X8. I don't need that. I just need the simple calculator.

After some searching, I found a suggestion that mentioned I just needed to run calc.exe.

Windows 10 Calculator

So, I typed calc.exe in the search bar and this informative message popped up.

We have self-driving cars, we have planes that can navigate on their own, but we don't have a simple auto-download for something as trivial as this? No, instead, I had to open the Microsoft Store, search for calculator, reinstall Windows Calculator, and then...

Oh crap, now I forgot what I wanted to calculate.