U. S. Postal Service

Updated: 2008-05-01 (completely rewritten) The following is a record of my experiences with receiving DVDs from Netflix, a company whose business model is based on the assumption that the U. S. Postal Service can deliver DVDs in lightweight envelopes from a distribution center to a customer, and then back again in the same envelope. It’s […]

Speed Racer

Updated: 2008-05-31 (completely rewritten, Trans-Lux frame added, sound clips added) I’m not talking about the actual program, which is a classic. I’m really talking about Speed Racer Enterprises who decided to alter the series in several ways during their digital remastering of the series that makes some significant changes from the programs that fans like […]

Quality Control

Updated: 2009-02-28 It’s been a while since I bought a music CD because most remastered CDs are so dynamically compressed (another one of my things that suck) that the original sound of the album is completely altered. After buying a few albums from iTunes, I decided that at US$9.99 an album, I’d rather have the CD […]

Fast Food

No, I’m not talking about the actual food itself. I’m somewhat a fast-food junkie myself. I’m talking about comparing the beautiful pictures of the hamburgers on the signs and ads to the actual item that you receive at the counter. Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger actual image from the web site… actual burger I received (and […]

Actor Changes

Initial posting: 2006-10-01 Everyone is familiar with the actor change in Bewitched when Dick York became ill and was replaced by Dick Sargent. The only thing similar between the two of them was their first name. You can really have only one Darrin Stephens, and in a case where the actors look so physically different […]

Nero Vision

All I want to do is save an iPod-compatible video at 320×240 resolution. It shouldn’t be that hard. Let’s choose Nero Digital. That’s the necessary MPEG4 video format the iPod requires. Alright! This version has a preset for iPod! Let’s just confirm that it will be the correct resolution. We’ll click the question mark. Then […]