Alaska Bicycling Adventure

August 3 - August 16, 1998

Welcome to Alaska!

This is the ALCAN Highway Expedition by Alaskan Bicycle Adventures, now known as

Route Map

This is the route map and it's about 700 miles from Juneau to Anchorage. Unfortunately (or was it?), I pedaled probably less than 500 miles for various reasons. First, it wouldn't be a real vacation unless I got a cold, so the third morning, I rode in the van as I was gagging and coughing. Some parts of the road were a little rough in the second half of the trip, so we all hopped in the van as we drove through the construction zones.

01.jpg (21766 bytes)Juneau

We didn't have our bikes yet and we had no idea who the riders were on this trip.

02.jpg (22424 bytes)That tram goes practically straight up

05.jpg (22618 bytes)Ferry ride out of Juneau on the Inside Passage. We still had no idea what each other's names were at this point.
06.jpg (7638 bytes)Glaciers along Lynn Canal
07.jpg (16028 bytes)I had a whale of a good time. (sorry)
Whale in Lynn Canal
08.jpg (22169 bytes)The bald eagle, along the Inside Passage outside of Juneau
10.jpg (9706 bytes)Lighthouse right in the middle of the Inside Passage
12.jpg (13199 bytes)Cruise ship docked in Haines. There are probably more people on that ship than the total population of Haines.
13.jpg (18818 bytes)Day 1, and the support van broke down. Fortunately, these guys are based in Anchorage, so they were able to get a replacement van the next day! We were able to ride several hours later when a Canadian named Bill hitched the trailer to his truck. Bill had a real Canadian accent, eh?
15.jpg (13237 bytes)Horses inside and outside the fence. These are Canadian horses, eh?
17.jpg (8373 bytes)Views of Canada
18.jpg (14331 bytes)Rock glacier
Bill, the Canadian, tried to convince me that this never contained ice, but it did! This once contained a layer of ice. It doesn't now, and all that remains now is a lifeless pile of rocks.
31.jpg (13344 bytes)Kluane Wilderness Inn in the Yukon
We stayed in these hotels.
34.jpg (12877 bytes)Glacier silt
36.jpg (23581 bytes)The Alaskan Bicycle Adventures support - Ivan & Brian
This is the replacement van, by the way.
41.jpg (36637 bytes)Vince, Michi, Dave, Bill,
Bob, Brenda, Mary, Bill, Phil,
Kurt, Rob, Doug, Sharon
47.jpg (14249 bytes)Mountains and rivers. So maybe driving would have been a little easier than cycling. Oh well, next time I know.
54.jpg (22791 bytes)"Hmm...Interesting" - Brian, while Brenda wonders if her bike will ever shift correctly again.
55.jpg (13924 bytes)The Alyeska Pipeline
63.jpg (22624 bytes)Ouch!
(Should this really be on this page?)
65.jpg (22570 bytes)Could this be more perfect?

69.jpg (36339 bytes)TOO MUCH ESPRESSO!

Those knobby things on the wood are called burls.

72.jpg (14083 bytes)It's starting to get a little cold now
74.jpg (18478 bytes)So, the secret is out. The glaciers are manmade. Worthington Glacier happens to be under construction.
75.jpg (30607 bytes)I could look at this for hours.
77.jpg (32467 bytes)It's all downhill from here!
79.jpg (49267 bytes)Bridal Falls
80.jpg (47926 bytes)Horsetail Falls
82.jpg (19363 bytes)Salmon spawning near Valdez
83.jpg (11859 bytes)Duck crossing, just downstream from the salmon.
87.jpg (21209 bytes)Fishing boat returning to Valdez harbor
This is for CRL's own Tamar Gollan
90.jpg (17185 bytes)The white things are actually seals
91.jpg (11110 bytes)Iceberg
It looks like this might be from Los Angeles, but it just has ground-in rock.
93.jpg (20695 bytes)Blue glacier ice
You really have to see it in person. Web photos just don't reveal the incredible shade of blue.
95.jpg (11809 bytes)Columbia Glacier
This glacier is receding at a rapid rate. Is it evidence of global warming or is it due to the fact that we are still moving out of an ice age?
96.jpg (11151 bytes)Sea lions
98.jpg (27872 bytes)Uh, Brian, your arm is on my shoulder.
99.jpg (18327 bytes)Salmon derby.
Wait - I got one - oh, no, it's just the guy five feet away from me.
102.jpg (18267 bytes)Kurt taking a photo of the dall sheep
104.jpg (23919 bytes)Moose
This one was fenced in. The only other moose I saw on the trip would have looked - well - kind of like that bald eagle.

This is Anchorage, and the end of the adventure.

To view a dark side of Alaska, a result of when man meets wild, click this link. Parental discretion is advised.

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